Swimming Pool Pump Replacement

In general when replacing a swimming pool pump you can normally replace like for like HP (horse power hp) or a match for the KW (Kilowatt) rating. If you are aware or suspect the pump is non original it is advisable to check the replacement pump capacity and hp is a match for your system.

The considerations are:- volume of pool water, size and flow rate capacity of filter, the time you normally run filtration every day, is there heating in the system line. We would also advise if the pool installation is older perhaps the opportunity should be taken to re-asses the install and think of some upgrades.

The standard boss connection fittings with Emaux swimming pool pumps are both imperial and metric depending on the pump hp size (1½” – 50mm) / (63mm – 2″) / (2″ – 2½”).This coupled with some models being direct replacements for the suction and discharge port positions for many branded models as Emaux are one of the worlds largest OEM manufactures (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

If no direct replacement swimming pool pump is available it is normally a simple matter of pipework changes.

Replacement Swimming Pool Filter 15″, 19″, 22″, 23″, 26 inch

When replacing a swimming pool filter it is not just a matter of matching the diameter of what you currently have to what is on today’s market.

You are more than likely replacing an old filter because of leaks or damage caused by age, they are not a fashion item you change every year. Today’s modern products can be more efficient, stand higher pressures and temperatures and be smaller in design. Couple this with the type of sand filter media used and your existing pump size, small variations can make a huge difference. Not mentioning of course poor efficiency can cost a fortune in wasted electricity.

The factors that need to be considered when changing or installing a new swimming pool filter or pump are as follows.

Volume of pool water:-
This calculation will allow the correct size filter to be matched to the pump ensuring enough water passes through to correctly filter the water.

Is your pool pump run 24 Hrs, during daytime only or with night time Off Peak Electricity:-
Given the time frame you have to run filtration each day, the size of filter, pump and flow rate can be matched. An example of running 24hrs:- In many cases a smaller filter and pump installation can be used as long as in the 24hrs the correct volume of water is filtered. For the same pool running for only 12 hours you will need to filter that same volume of water, therefore within reason a larger filter and pump is required.

Do you have you pool heating, what type, Heat-pump, Gas, from the house central heating, Off Peak Electricity:-
Unless your system has a separate pump for circulation when heating the pool, the cycle of filtration can be used to filter and heat at the same time. Again depending on the time of day heating is applied, the duration of filtration needs to be taken into account. Therefore throughput, the capacity of filter and pump and duration need to be calculated correctly.

Filter media:-
The use of recycled glass as opposed to silica sand is now a more efficient method of filtration. RGFM, Recycled Glass Filter Media allows in most instances to use around 15% less by volume of media itself, this smaller volume is easier to clean, shorter in its cleaning cycle and less volume is less pumping power required for filtration.

Pump and filter sizing:- Not as simple as it seems.